Dr. Jeff's 12 Relationship Secrets Digital Program

Using this program, you and your partner will identify the core issues in your marriage and replace them with over 12 good habits... so you FINALLY experience the connectedness, intimacy, and stability you both desire... all in the privacy of your home. 

Have you found yourself saying anything like this recently?

  • We used to have so much fun together. Now we either fight or don’t talk at all. 
  • I miss having deep, meaningful conversations. Now I just feel like I get tuned out all the time. 
  • I can’t remember the last time we had real intimacy. 
  • I’m scared he/she is losing interest. 
  • I just feel like our relationship is so stuck. There’s no excitement anymore! 
  • We used to love to go and do things together. Now it’s mostly me doing things with my friends and my partner doing things with his/her friends. 
  • We don’t really laugh any more. All we talk about is stuff that has to get done in our lives and everything is always so serious.

Hey, it happens. It really does and it happens all the time to just about everybody. But you can change things and you can get back to the place you remember; the place where you both felt so lucky to have found each other.

Imagine a relationship where you:

  • Supported each other for having different viewpoints instead of trying to convince the other person to see things your way. 
  • Looked forward to seeing each other at the end of the day and spending time together (regardless if it was a “bad” day and especially after a “bad” day). 
  • Felt free to be completely yourself without being judged. 
  • Were encouraged to experience your outside hobbies and interests without being made to feel guilty. 
  • Weren’t held hostage by assumptions and expectations and were simply loved unconditionally. 
  • Were encouraged to express yourself and your feelings in an honest, forthright way and know you wouldn’t be ridiculed or “fixed”. 
  • Were treated with dignity and respect, regardless of the situation. 

Most of us want a healthy, happy relationship. There’s nothing quite like it that will make you feel alive and excited, not just about your partner but about everything. More importantly, healthy relationships help create healthy societies. Statistics prove over and over again that we are meant to be with people. It’s just the way human beings are wired. And a romantic relationship can be the best of all relationships.... IF it’s a good one.

So what do YOU want?

Dr Jeff

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff, the Founder of Relationships Unscripted and Family Therapy Center in south Florida. I am the Author of 12 Best Kept Secrets To A Fulfilling Relationship

My wife of over 23 years and I started Relationships Unscripted on Facebook in 2013 to share our passion for relationships. All relationships have ups and downs and the community discusses some of the challenges relationships experience. 

Growing up in a close family with parents committed to making their marriage work, I learned at a young age that healthy and supportive relationships are an integral part of a person’s well-being. It was normal for my family to spend time together, work through challenges together and support each other with love and compassion. 

I’ve had my share of adversity growing up which created deep pain and altered the direction of my life. In my teens, I experienced a trauma that had a profound effect on my family and life. 

This emotional pain changed the way I lived and eventually became a source of incredible strength. I realized at a young age I needed to step up and support my family. I invested additional time in my education and excelled in ways I never could have imagined. 

I had the opportunity to chose either a path of depression and deterioration or hope and opportunity. I chose the latter and I believe the core of my existence, and how I was meant to serve others, was discovered through this experience.

My challenges led me into the field of psychology where I began to notice that unresolved issues in relationships could eventually lead to much bigger problems, affecting both the individuals and the relationship as a whole. 

Until now, the deep kind of transformational work I have practiced with couples was only available to my private clients around the world. 

However, now for the first time, I am offering this exclusive program to you in an easy to learn format from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. You will learn the methods I teach to my private clients and that has helped turned hundreds of relationships around. 

Throughout this course, you will come to understand what makes a relationship good, what makes it better and what it takes to make it the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted but were afraid you couldn’t have. 

I am dedicated to teaching couples how to strengthen their relationships and re-ignite their “spark,” passion, intimacy and great sex in their relationships in this new course, 12 Best Kept Relationship Secrets: How to Transform Your Relationship For Good. 

I credit my 23-year marriage and the strong family bond I share with my wife and eleven and sixteen year old sons to the principles I not only teach others but live myself. Now, I will be sharing these secrets with you in his brand new course, 12 Best Kept Relationship Secrets: How To Transform Your Relationship For Good. 

What couples who go the distance know is that a relationship truly does grow sweeter with time. Many people never get to discover that because they simply give up too early! Well, guess what? YOU can experience what those couples do when you know the secrets to a long lasting and happy relationship.

What if loving and being deeply loved by one person for the whole of your life wasn’t just for fairy tales?

Long-lasting love really does exist and in this digital course, I will teach you what you need to know to make that happen.

During this powerful and relationship-changing course, you will discover:

  • How to stop arguing and start experiencing supportive conversations that allow you to truly understand what’s important to your partner ... so you can stop having the same circular arguments over and over again.
  • Why getting what you THINK you want may not actually be what you want (and how to determine what would actually meet your needs). 
  • How to create an environment where you BOTH want more physical intimacy. 
  • Why letting go of this ONE THING can increase the happiness quotient in your relationship by tenfold. 
  • How to get what you want without being needy, whiny or controlling 
  • How to create harmony and happiness by letting go of expectations and making false assumptions. 
  • Why feeling anxious and jealous will DESTROY more than just your relationship (and how to stop those emotions dead in their tracks) 
  • How to no longer be responsible for being a mind reader and even better, how learning one simple trick will seemingly turn you into one! 
  • How to create outcomes that make you BOTH unspeakably happy. (It’s not as hard as you think!)

This course will change the way you see yourself and your partner and that kind of deep change means your relationship is about to take off in a new direction, full of amazing and positive outcomes. However, this is only for you if you are serious about wanting to have a different kind of relationship and are ready, willing and able to do what it takes to make that happen. 

How do you know if this course if for you?

Clients who experience the most success with this program...

  • Are ready to accept 100% responsibility for their part in the relationship and are releasing any hope of “changing” the other person.
  • Are committed to doing the work that it takes to create a loving and healthy relationship (it’s more fun to do than you think!)
  • Truly love their partner and want what is best for them.
  • Believe that the relationship can be repaired and restored and have expectations that that is EXACTLY what will happen.
  • Are willing to let go of past hurts and resentments and see this as a fresh start.
  • Are committed to listening to the audios, doing the homework and participating FULL OUT
  • Are excited about learning new ways of doing things and are willing to be open to new information (this is not for you if you are committed to being stuck!)

This is YOUR chance to start feeling excited about your relationship again!

To get this kind of guidance and support, most people have to commit to several sessions of therapy with me, which can take a huge amount of time, not to mention cost thousands of dollars. 

But you don’t have to sit in traffic, drive to someone’s office, take time off from work (with people wondering what you’re up to, no less) and spend thousands of dollars to get this relationship changing information. 

And the best part? This won’t cost you thousands of dollars. 

You can get the expert-level tools you need to change your relationship and your life for only $197. 

With the hours of teaching delivered by Dr. Jeff, the 12 Best Kept Secrets to a Fulfilling Relationship book, 30 minute relationship strategy session, “9 Powerful Ways to Show Love in Your Relationship", the total value of this package is $997 but your investment is only $197. 

Imagine changing the entire dynamic of your relationship so that both of you feel like you did when you first started dating for less than $200! It would cost that for a couple of impressive “date nights” and there wouldn’t be any permanent change!

You'll get all these relationship building tools when you enroll in the Relationship Secrets Program today...

  • MP3 Download for the entire 12-week program
  • 12 Best Kept Secrets E-Book (Digital Download)
  • PREMIUM BONUS #1: Dr. Jeff’s guide “9 Powerful Ways to Show Love in Your Relationship”
  • PREMIUM BONUS #2: Dr. Jeff’ E-Book the “5 Critical Signs that Your Relationship is on Life Support”
  • PREMIUM BONUS #3: 60 minute Relationship Roadmap Session with Dr. Jeff (worth $500)

When you purchase the course you will receive the book, “12 Best Kept Secrets to a Fulfilling Relationship,” and MP3 Downloads so you can listen to the course from the comfort of your home.

The 12-week program is a powerful, relationship changing course!  

If you’re ready to stop being stuck and start feeling the love and excitement again in your relationship, then don’t wait another minute to enroll in this course! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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My wife and I were fortunate to have worked with Dr. Kane for the past 9 months. At first I was hesitant to go to marriage counseling and was “dragged in” by my wife. I always felt that I had the answers and therapy would be a waste of time. I was so wrong. Dr. Kane is a gentle, caring and compassionate person that helped us change behaviors that were in place for over 15 years. He provided practical, “real life” solutions that worked and allowed our relationship to grow in new ways. I could not be more grateful to have found Dr. Kane. I truly believe that he saved our marriage. My wife and I have a relationship right now that we could only have dreamed of having prior to seeing Dr. Kane! 

- Tom

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We were referred to Dr. Kane by a trusted colleague and friend of mine 2 years ago. We had planned to meet with him weekly at his office until I was unexpectedly transferred to California. We were unsure if telephone and Skype consultations would have the impact I was desiring because the experience was new to me. After our first meeting, we was hooked! The connection was seemless and we were able to meet with him right from the comfort of my office and home. Dr. Kane is a true professional in every sense of the word. He helped us alleviate problems that had been in my life for over a decade. We addressed and resolved individual & rela&ionship issues during our 45 minute sessions. To this day, my wife and I continue to meet with him for “check-ups” on a monthly basis. Several of my friends and colleagues use his service as well. Dr. Kane is the best!

- Johnathan

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My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Kane over the past few months. Since we live in the UK, the only way we could meet with Dr. Kane was through Skype. Our nightly meetings were a breath of fresh air for our relationship. Dr. Kane offered practical and real life solutions that improved our relationship. We both loved Dr.Kane’s humor and warm disposition. After the first consultation, we knew that we had found the right person to help us get to a better place. Dr. Kane is a true relationship expert and saved our marriage. We plan on keeping in touch with him as we continue to enjoy our happy, healthy relationship. We appreciate Dr. Kane. He is the best!

- Charles

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Working with Dr. Kane has strengthened our marriage more than we thought possible. With his help, we’ve learned better communication skills, better listening skills and a deeper respect for each others needs and individuality. Whenever we hit a bump in the road, we look at each other, and with a sense of humor ask, Is it time to call Dr. Kane? Because we know that Dr. Kane will help us get back on track. Every marriage needs a Dr. Kane.

- Jan

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We have seen several counselors over the 20 years of our marriage with little success. After being referred by a close friend, my husband and I were immediately impressed with his patience, kindness and understanding. Most of the change we received in the past were short-lived. With Dr. Kane’s gentle guidance, he helped us uncover and resolve underlying emotions and behaviors that were suffocating our relationship for years. Each week he gave us homework and practical guidance that changed our relationship. We are forever grateful to Dr. Kane and are thankful to work with him. He is a true processional in every sense of the word

- Laura

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We were referred to Dr. Kane from a good friend. For years we had been in and out of therapy. Unfortunately, the changes that occurred in therapy never lasted. After feeling quite disillusioned about therapy and our marriage, we decided to meet with Dr. Kane. He was a breath of fresh air. He is so humble and easy to talk with. Both my husband and I felt that he was neutral and listened objectively to both of our perspectives. Dr. Kane offered unique and creative ways to introduce change into our relationship that had been stuck in the same place for so many years. We even had a few laughs in therapy thanks to Dr. Kane’s great sense of humor. To this day, I refer my friends, family & associat&s to Dr. Kane. He is an expert in working with couples and a true professional. We have been blessed to have him in our life and know he’s always there if we need him. Thanks Doc!

- Rachael